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High Grade Top Soil and Aggregates

We have a selection of screened top soil and compost ideal for landscaping or simply getting the most from your plants. In addition we can provide a wide selection of builders aggregates including sand, stone, gravel, to name a few.

  • Screened Top Soil

    Dug soil passed through 20mm screens to remove hard debris. Suitable for general use eg. Building up beds, planters.

  • Screened Top Soil / Compost Mix

    20mm screened Top Soil with added Compost Mix. Gives your plants a boost with a slow steady release of phosphorus and potassium. Ideal for planters, flower beds, vegetable patches and more.

  • Compost

    20mm screened Compost, an ideal soil improver or heavy or poor soil. Provides a slow, steady release of phosphorus and potassium for great results.

  • Turfbase

    A mixture of fines and compost provides the perfect base to lay your turf on. Easy to work with and with compact down well to get your turf off to the best start.

  • Aggregates

    All types or Sand and Stone supplied.

  • Manure / Soil Mix

    Supplied as a mix or just manure.

  • Mushroom Compost

    We can supply pure mushroom compost or a soil compost mix to your requirements

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